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Title Deed (Deed of Transfer)

Are you submitting plans for building alterations? Have you lost your Title Deed? Do you have a bond and the bank has the original and you do not have a copy? Obtain a copy of your Title Deed (Deed of Transfer) without any hassle. Once received we will deliver it to your email address.


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  • It is vital for every homeowner to have a copy of their Title Deed (Deed of Transfer). It is known as a Deed of Transfer at the Deeds Office.  A Title Deed and Deed of Transfer are the same document. The Title Deed is the legal document proving ownership. It also contains any restrictive conditions that there might be on the property.

    If you want to do any building alterations, you are also required to submit a copy of the Title Deed together with the application to the local municipality. Use our service to order an electronic copy of a Title Deed and get it delivered to your email address.

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  • Turnaround Time

    1 to 10 Working Days (Depending on the Deeds Office and whether it needs to be scanned from Microfilm)
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