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Surveyor General Diagram

The Surveyor General (SG) Diagram contains the exact outlines of a property as surveyed by a Land Surveyor and recorded by the Chief Surveyor General of South Africa

Now you can order an SG Diagram and get it delivered to your Email address.


  • The SG Diagram contains the official boundaries of a Property. This is used to establish the exact size and boundaries of every property in South Africa. It contains all the GPS Coordinates of the property outline.

    This is the official document to determine the exact size and location of each property in South Africa. The SG Diagram either contains the boundaries of a single property (known as the Diagram) or the boundaries of each property within a specific Township (known as the General Plan).

    We will either provide the Diagram or General Plan depending on which one is available. In the case of a Sectional Title, we will provide the Sectional Title Diagram that contains the outlines of each Unit in the Sectional Title establishment.

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    1 Working Day
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