What We Offer

Deeds Office Information

We have extensive experience in Deeds Office and Property Information. We have a live link into the South African Deeds Office allowing us to provide reliable and up-to-date Deeds Office Information.

We have specifically developed our products to empower the individual with the same property tools that has traditionally been exclusive to estate agents and professionals with access to deeds information. Now you can do proper research before buying, selling or renting a property

Title Deeds and Marriage Contracts

Are you looking for a Title Deed (Deed of Transfer) to a property or a Marriage Contract (ANC)?

The Deeds Office stores copies of these documents and we are able to retrieve it either via our live link (if electronically available) or from the Deeds Office archives. Even if it's not electronically available we can retrieve it from the archives by manually requesting the documents. It takes a bit more time manually requesting it but we are one of the few services that can offer this. Luckily 90% of documents are available electronically and we can deliver it within a few days.

Company Re-instatements

Has your company been de-registered by CIPC? 

Before you can re-instate a de-registered company you will have to provide CIPC (previously CIPRO) with a deed search against all 11 Deeds Offices showing ownership of immovable property or not. We have a specific product for this called a CIPC REINSTATEMENT SEARCH giving you the exact information you require to re-instate a company.

We have aided hundreds of individuals, accountants and companies in re-instating a de-registered company by providing the correct information quickly and hassle-free.


Transfer (Sales) Information

The Deeds Office keeps a record of each transfer (sale) of property in South Africa. The information is categorised in such a way that you can request information on the sales for a specific suburb or township for a specified time period. If you need the sales for the last year for Bryanston in Johannesburg you can request it from us and we will deliver it in Excel format. Similarly you can request information for any suburb in South Africa. 

This is a great way to research the trends in a suburb and helps a lot in making informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Property Registration Tracking

When a property is sold, the sale needs to be registered at the Deeds Office. There is a process followed in registering a property. We can track the registration of a property to tell you exactly where in the process the registration is. This is called a DOTS (Deeds Office Tracking Search) search at the Deeds Office.

You can use our service to automatically track the progress of a property transfer or once-off to see where in the process it is. This search is classified under the PROPERTIES section when you request a search.

Surveyor General (SG) Information

The Surveyor General (SG) records all land parcels in South Africa. The mission of the SG Office is to provide a national cadastral survey management system in support of an equitable and sustainable land dispensation that promotes social-economic development. Properties are surveyed en the maps are drawn up to indicate the exact boundaries of a property and whether there are any servitudes or right of way registered.

You can order a SG Diagram from us and we will deliver it to your email inbox.