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Transfer Information

Obtain information on Transfers (Property Sales) for a specific suburb, registration division, sectional scheme etc (includes property details, sale date, registration date, buyer & seller info and amount paid).


per township (up to 500 records)
  • The Transfers Report is a flexible, query driven report which details transactional and bond registration information. Transfer reports are usually generated on Township / Suburb but can be as specific as erf or sectional scheme.

    Search criteria parameters include:

    • Property Type - freehold, sectional title, estate, farm or all
    • Specific Erf Ranges
    • Suburb, Estate, Farm, Street or Sectional Title
    • Sales and / or Registration Date Ranges
    • Purchase Price Ranges
    • Erf Size Ranges
    • Buyer Name

    The output report includes fields such as property details (erf / unit / farm nummber, portion, address, etc.), sales and registration dates, size, purchase price, bond amount and institution and buyer and seller names.

  • Turnaround Time

    1 Working Day
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