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If a company is deregistered for not filing annual returns with CIPC and you want to re-instate it then part of the requirements for reinstating a deregistered company is a Deeds Office search from all 11 Deeds Offices proving ownership or non ownership of property by a company.

Use us to get the documentation you require to reinstate a deregistered company regarding property ownership in South Africa.


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  • When a company do not file their annual returns, they are deregistered by CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission), previously CIPRO. If you need to re-instate the company part of the requirements are to proof ownership or non ownership of property within South Africa.

    This is done with a Deeds Office search on all 11 Deeds Offices. We can provide you with that information in a format that is accepted by CIPC. We will provide you with 11 Deeds Office searches from the official Deeds Office portal that we have access to.

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