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Check Progress of Property Transfer

NOTE: This is a SINGLE searh against the Deeds Office. For automatic tracking please select CHECK PROGRESS OF PROPERTY TRANSFER (AUTOMATED) request to track the progress for up to 21 days.

When a Property or Bond is registration is submitted (Lodged) to the Deeds Office, it follows a process to ensure everything is in order before the property or bond is registered.

This is to protect all parties involved and reduce fraudulent transactions. You can Track the Progress of the registration using our Track Progress of Property Transfer Search.

Please note that this is a ONCE OFF SEARCH. To get daily updates you can log a TRACK PROGRESS OF PROPERTY TRANSFER (AUTOMATED) request.


per property
  • Find out exactly where in the Deed Office process your Property or Bond registration is. Each Lodgement at the Deeds Office is allocated a unique Tracking Number that can be used to track the registration through the Deeds Office process.

    You can either provide us with the Tracking Number if the attorney has provided it or the Property Details. This is a quick and painless way of exactly finding out where your registration is.

    Generally it takes between 7 and 10 working days for a Property or Bond registration to go through the entire process. This is however dependent on several factors including the backlog at the Deeds Office.

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  • Turnaround Time

    1 Working Day
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