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No Deeds Office Registrations During Covid-19 Lockdown

No Deeds Office Registrations During Covid-19 Lockdown

With Covid-19 sweeping through the world and tightening it's grip on South Africa the Deeds Office has also grinded to a halt. Since the lockdown of 26 April 2020, the Deeds Office has also been closed. This means that no property registrations can take place during this time. No property can be transferred any any new bonds registered.

Luckily the electronic services of the Deeds Office is still functioning. For now we can still order electronic copies of documents including Title Deeds and Marriage Contracts (ANC) if they are scanned and available electronically. We can still get any property ownership of a person or company as well as information on a property.

During this time we strive to still give you the much-needed information whilst waiting for the Deeds Office to re-open again.

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