How do I Look Up a Property Deed?

How do I Look Up a Property Deed?

Historically it was quite difficult to get property and Deeds Office Information. You either had to subscribe to a service that provides the information or physically go the Deeds Office to get the information. Luckily technology has made it easier to obtain such information. You can obtain all the information from our website by logging a search specific to your requirements. You can get basic property information, copies of Title Deeds or Marriage Contracts (ANC), all from the comfort of you home or office.

To obtain any Deeds Office information including property ownership, price paid, bonds registered, endorsements, property history, copy of a Title Deed (Deed of Transfer) or a copy of your Marriage Contract (ANC) you simply need to request it on our website, pay the prescribed fee and get it delivered to your E-Mail Inbox. No need to physically go to the Deeds Office or subscribe to a service. We have made it easier than ever to obtain any Deeds Office information.

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