Covid-19 When is the Deeds Office Re-Opening

Covid-19 When is the Deeds Office Re-Opening

The Regulations to the Disaster Management Act published on 29 April 2020, include the 11 Deeds offices in South Africa as an essential service under Alert Level 4. This means that the Deeds Office is open from 4 May 2020. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. First, the Deeds Office needs to implement certain safety protocols before it can fully re-open again. Secondly, there are no walk-ins allowed which means nobody can go to the Deeds Office to request any property-related information, get a copy of a Title Deed or a copy of a Marriage Contract.

Luckily we provide a service where you can request Deeds Office information (including property information, copies of Title Deeds as well as Marriage Contracts) from the comfort of you home without risking exposure. We are fully operational online and can provide the much-needed Deeds Office information generally within 1 working day (except for copies of Title Deeds or Marriage Contracts). The general turnaround times are indicated when requesting information online.

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